nohup &
Nonstop Technical Services
  • Professional computer systems consultants with 21 years of experience for Harry Kalsch
  • Partnering with IBM (authorized subcontractor) and IBM Business Partners to deliver total solutions
  • IBM pSeries (RS/6000) specialists and relentless problem solvers
  • Strong UNIX technical skills
  • Certifications in IBM's AIX operating system.  Experience in AIX & Linux.
  • HACMP.  Kalsch has installed over 50 new clusters and provided troubleshooting, redesign, and upgrades on many others.  Since 1992.
  • Performance Analysis/Tuning.  We know what tools to use when to effectively and efficiently identify the bottlenecks.
  • Networking:  Design, Optimization, Security.
  • ADSM / Tivoli Storage Manager.  Planning, design, implementation, recovery, troubleshooting...
  • Software Development.  Shell scripting, C/C++/Korn/Perl...
  • Mentoring.  We provide education and informal/formal skills-transfer.
  • Linux.
  • Critical Situations / Troubleshooting / System Validation
  • Call to discuss your project needs or for a no-cost opinion
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  • What is Nohup?
    A. Never a hangup
    B. Overcoming obstacles
    C. Continuous computing operations
    D. Quality
    E. All of the above


    Do you have a cold computer room?

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